13 comments on “Bagged MK6 Jetta

  1. To start, different wheels are going on this week. I got the 17’s by trading an old B5 motor I had and said it they look good I’ll keep if not the wheels were probably worth more than the motor. Next up will be the Bentley wheels I pulled off my CC before I traded it in, but with a more “shininess” to them. Other than that I plan to take it slow and not go to crazy with it(even though I’d love to turbo it). As more parts become avaliable you see more and more to this car.

    • Very nice, the Bentley wheels will look beyond amazing on that car. It would be great to get some pictures once thats done, so I can update the post. CC on Bentley’s. Did you have the silver(ish) CC on air? Had a set of Rotiforms as well?

      • That was me. My fiancee also has the white tiguan on bags too. One big happy bagged vw family.

      • Yes, yes. I saw a bunch of your posts on vortex. I was actually going to post the Tiguan up too, haha. Great work on the cars dude. Cant wait for the updates.

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