Who We Are

Who We Are

The first question we get from most people is, “what is True Driving”. The simple answer is a way of living, but there is so much more depth to what we do and what we plan on accomplishing. TD started as a group of friends who came to together as kids and grew up obsessing over cars and clothes. We started a car club and was deep into the street racing scene(back when it was actually fun). We started with 6 close friends, and we now have a ton of supporters and friends up and down the east coast, looking forward to expanding around the world. For us, it’s all about family. Our family has a variation of styles and skills. From building cars and motorcycle to putting together a dope outfit to creating clothing to making music, our goal is to stay true to where we came from and what we are passionate about. Creating the absolute best and maintaining the greatest quality possible.

With various styles come a wide range of interest and hobbies. We are open minded in all aspects of life. With cars and motorcycles, we simply love everything. Old, new, restored, stance, form, function, etc. We are constantly trying to broaden our knowledge and keep things fresh. As they say, “variety is the spice of life”. Fashion, our second love, bares the same mentality. Street wear, high end, designer, sneakers, we got love for it all. This and everything else cool is what we are going to be providing. A well rounded gathering of things skillfully put together and loved by many.

Growing up and living in and around NYC has certainly influenced us and you will be seeing the unmistakable New York vibe in our work. Join us as we share our passion.

Dress. Drive. Live.

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